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Top 10 Semiconductor Assembly and Testing Services Companies - 2022

Technology is radically transforming the semiconductor assembly and testing landscape. Semiconductor companies are massively investing in technological innovation to improve business outcomes.

A recent published by Allied Market Research reveals that the semiconductor assembly and testing services market, valued at $51,906.3 million in 2021, is estimated to grow to $71784.6 million by 2028 at a CAGR of 4.7 percent.

The stellar market growth can be attributed in large part to the modern, tech-driven advancements that are revamping semiconductor assembly and testing services from the ground up.

RFID circuits and low-power microcontrollers are gaining immense traction as technologically advanced, energy-efficient, and miniaturized products in the industry. Companies are leveraging chip-to-chip connecting technology is improving the performance of semiconductor assembly equipment.

Cloud computing and big data technologies are playing an instrumental role in elevating semiconductor assembly and packaging to the next level. Cloud-based servers allow devices with limited processing or storage abilities to store and process data and resources remotely and transfer the information back to the original device in real time.

The growth of SIP modules is also a megatrend in the arena. SIP modules allow for the integration of communication units like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi into a single package, which results in lower assembly and testing costs and high performance.

This edition of Semiconductor Review highlights the recent developments in the semiconductor assembly and testing services arena and insights into how companies are aligning with these trends to transform legacy practices.

We have curated thought leadership articles from industry experts, including the senior director, Plasma Power Products, Advanced Energy and the vice president of Global Supplier Management, Digi-Key Electronics. We also took a deep dive into the market trends to narrow down the list of top semiconductor assembly and testing services companies. Equipped with innovative technological capabilities, the companies such as Integra Technologies help transform businesses at the cloverleaf of various disruptive technologies.

We hope this edition of Semiconductor Review on semiconductor assembly and testing services helps you build the partnership you and your organization need to foster an environment driven by efficient technology.

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    Top Semiconductor Assembly and Testing Services Companies

  • Integra Technologies is a one-stop shop for all phases of the semiconductor manufacturing process, from die preparation, packaging, and assembly to testing and beyond. The company has been ensuring industry-leading quality and on-time delivery for more than three decades.

  • Amkor Technology

    Amkor Technology

    Amkor Technology, Inc. is a global provider of outsourced semiconductor packaging and testing services. Amkor, founded in 1968, pioneered IC packaging and test outsourcing and is today a critical manufacturing associate for the world's major semiconductor firms, foundries, and electronics OEMs

  • ASE Technology Holding

    ASE Technology Holding

    ASE, Inc. is the world's top semiconductor assembly and testing services provider. ASE is producing revolutionary advanced packaging and system-in-package solutions to match growth momentum across a wide range of end sectors, including 5G, AI, Automotive, High-Performance Computing, and more, in addition to a comprehensive portfolio of existing assembly and test technologies

  • ControlTek


    ControlTek demonstrates experience in unit assembly, component testing, packing, and transportation of the finished electromechanical semiconductor product and any other stage in the product realization process. Services include obtaining all materials (including long term material planning) for PCBs, cable/ harnessing, mechanical components custom metal and plastics

  • Device Engineering

    Device Engineering

    DEI is an employee-owned ASIC design business, ARINC product maker, and fabless semiconductor manufacturer that provides a diverse range of standard products, mostly for avionics. Transceivers, line receivers, and line drivers for Arinc 429 or other communications protocols are available, as are Discrete-to-Digital Converters and various general-purpose components

  • GlobalFoundries


    GlobalFoundries Inc. (GF) is a top semiconductor producer in the globe. GF is transforming innovation and semiconductor manufacturing by inventing and providing feature-rich process technological solutions that give a leading performance in high-growth markets. GF provides a one-of-a-kind combination of design, development, and fabrication capabilities

  • JCET Group

    JCET Group

    To accomplish the lowest cost of the test (COT) with the best feasible throughput, JCET combines operational efficiency with its established skills and competencies. Customers benefit from JCET's knowledge and assistance for a speedy, predictable, and problem-free production ramp by including JCET early in the product development process

  • SMAC Corporation

    SMAC Corporation

    SMAC Moving Coil Actuator technology is used in both front and back-end operations in the electronics manufacturing industry worldwide. This is due to SMAC's high precision, speed, positioning capabilities, and one-of-a-kind capacity to manage forces. SMAC linear rotary actuators are available in a single, ready-to-install kit with a through-the-rod vacuum

  • Siliconware Precision Industries

    Siliconware Precision Industries

    SPIL offers customers cutting-edge testing solutions for digital and mixed-signal devices. In addition, they offer test engineering services. SPIL is convinced it can provide businesses with test capacity for 3C products since they invest in cutting-edge test equipment and professional test experts (Computing, Communication & Consumer)

  • Unisem


    Many of the world's most successful electronics firms rely on Unisem for semiconductor assembly and test (OSAT) services. They provide a comprehensive suite of packaging and test services, including wafer, bumping, wafer probing, wafer grinding, lead frame and substrate IC packaging, wafer level CSP, and RF, analog, digital, and mixed-signal testing. Design, assembly, testing, failure analysis, and electrical, mechanical, and thermal characterization and modeling are all part of their turnkey services